4 Reasons Why Professional Landscaping Can Help Sell Your Home – Faster and at a Better Price!

Are you thinking about putting your house up for sale? Are you planning on selling your home in the near future? If so, you’re probably overwhelmed with what you need to do in order to get the maximum amount of value possible from it. For some people, this aspect of planning for selling their home is the worst part of the entire process.

They assess each room and each detail of each room. And then they ask themselves a host of questions.

Should the bedroom be painted, or can it get away with just a really good wall and floor cleaning?  Should a professional cleaning service be hired to clean and shine every nook and cranny? Are any floors in need of repair or refinishing? And that’s just the home’s interior.

What about the exterior? The types of questions that are asked by homeowners thinking about or planning to sell their homes have a similar tone. Does the house need to be re-sided or painted? Are there any cracks in the driveway or walkway?

But, above all else, probably the most asked question by potential home-sellers is if they need to contract a professional landscaping service before they even list their home? And, even though the answer isn’t as straight forward as a categorical “yes”, there is a way to get the insight and guidance they need.

There are 4 reasons to bring in a professional landscaping service before putting a home on the market.  These 4 reasons revolve around aspects of your year and property in its current condition.

You should contact a professional landscaping service if . . .

Your yard negates the overall appeal of your home and property. If your yard detracts from your home’s beauty at first glance, then it will negate all other positive features of your home – outdoors as well as indoors. In fact, if a person’s first glimpse of your home is dominated by an unattractive or unkempt yard, chances are he or she will pass on even looking any further. So, at the very least, have a landscaping service fix or repair things like a sinkhole, an overbearing or threatening tree, or a drainage slope that is at an incorrect angle.

Your yard has been – or appears to have been – neglected.  A landscaping service can clean up and spruce up your yard, so it appears as if it was well cared for while you lived there.  A yard that is overgrown or untidy speaks volumes about not only how little care y0ou gave your yard and outdoor living space, but also how you probably tended to your home’s interior

Your yard is clearly overshadowed by the other yards in your neighborhood. Even if you did invest time and attention in your yard, if all those neighbors around you did more or appear to have done more to their yards, yours pales in comparison. And that’s a big deal to most folks looking to buy a new home in a new neighborhood. Homebuyers typically want to buy the best house on the block and if the yard they are looking at can’t project that image, they are likely to pass on making an offer.

Your yard is close to being the best on the block.  Closely related to the reason above, if your yard is just within reach of standing out above all others in your area, it will be worth it to invest in a professional landscaping service to get it to the level that makes it the undisputable best yard in the neighborhood.

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