4 Benefits of Hiring a Brick Paver Repair Company

//4 Benefits of Hiring a Brick Paver Repair Company

4 Benefits of Hiring a Brick Paver Repair Company

4 Benefits of Hiring a Brick Paver Repair CompanyConcrete is the most common option for driveways and patios, but the issue with concrete is that it gets cracked and stained easily, and the whole driveway needs to be remade if only a part of it gets damaged, stained or cracked.

So, if you’re tired of your driveway that gets cracked and damaged easily then you can try an alternative. You can replace your concrete driveway with pavers. Not only do brick paved driveways enhance the look of your home, but they also increase the value of your property. Even though paved bricks do not have the same problems of cracks and stains like concrete, they do need to be repaired or replaced at some point in time. However, replacing the damaged pavers can be done easily by hiring a brick paver repair company. Here are some benefits of hiring a brick paver repair company for this job.

1- Technicality in Removal

The removal of paver bricks can either be a very simple task or a very complicated one. It depends on the way the bricks have been installed. If the pavers have been installed with sand in between them then it’s easy to remove the damaged ones and replace them. But if the paver bricks are installed with mortar then repairing them can be a bit of a challenge. Especially because removing them can also damage the rest of the paver bricks that are fine and don’t have to be replaced. This is why a brick paver repair company must be hired for this job, as it requires some skilled labor and special tools.

2- Preparing the Ground Below

Another benefit of hiring a brick paver repair company is that they prepare the ground below the bricks for the new installation very professionally. If the surface is sand, then along with the base soil, it also needs to be tamped down and leveled. The most important thing in this process is that the surface on which the paver will settle should be leveled perfectly. If not, then the paver will cause bumps and dips. This would make the finishing of your patio or driveway look very unsatisfactory.

 3- Installing the New Pavers

Once the base surface is leveled, it’s time to put new paver bricks. This isn’t as easy and simple as just putting g a new brick on the prepared base. Once a brick is placed, it needs to be confirmed that the brick blends in with the other pavers. For this, some additional sand might be needed and the level should be checked by a string or a spirit level.

4- Filling the Cracks

The last step is to fill the cracks between the paver bricks. This is an easy step, but it also requires a professional hand. If the bricks are installed with sand, then new sand will have to be placed in, and if the bricks are installed with mortar, then new mortar will have to be mixed and used to fill the cracks.

If you want to hire a brick paver repair company to give a professional finish to your driveway or patio then contact Fresh Cut Landscape in the Detroit metro area. We can provide you quality by preparing a perfect paver surface, replacing the broken pavers and installing the new ones on your driveway or patio.