3 Tips Before You Construct a New Outdoor Living Space in Rochester Hills

Rochester Hills, MI Fireplace, Pizza Oven, Outdoor Living Space Outdoor living spaces in Rochester Hills are a great way to add more usable space to your home. They also add value and improve the look of your home’s yard and garden. However, they aren’t a project that should be taken on without a certain amount of planning and forethought. When we work with our clients on designing the perfect landscape plan, we know early on the clients that have been planning and those that have just jumped without consideration. It makes our job as your landscape contractor so much easier if you think about these three things, before we start your design.


Timing is everything with construction projects. This is the reality of construction in Michigan. Our window is pretty short, so if you want to have your new landscape and hardscape installed early in the spring, you need to be working with us in the winter. The spring is also our busiest time of the year, as it is for all landscape and hardscape companies, so if you want on our schedule, you need to plan ahead. We’ve had many instances where a potential client approaches us wanting a landscape renovation, complete with hardscape features and an outdoor living room, in time for a wedding or some other event, with only a few weeks’ notice. This just isn’t practical.

Know Your Space

DIY shows on TV and home improvement magazines show amazing examples of landscapes and outdoor living areas. You must think practically about the space that you have available, before you start the design and construction of your landscape. If you have a large, expansive yard, you may be able to have everything you see in the magazines and on TV—like the perfect seating area complete with full outdoor kitchen, amazing paver or stone hardscapes, lush lawn and beautiful gardens. However, if your backyard in Rochester Hills is small, what you see on TV may not work for your space. Before we sit down and plan your new landscape, we need to see your existing space, and you need to be open to the possibilities, even if they are smaller than you expected.

Know Your Budget

This is where many customers get themselves in trouble. You may have a giant yard and dreams of a utopic backyard sanctuary, but your budget may not be ready for that scale of a project. Now, we’ve had clients that don’t have to worry about a budget, and those projects are always fun, because the sky is the limit. But that isn’t the reality for most of our landscaping and hardscape customers. A budget is a great starting place for any project, whether it’s your backyard design or other work you are doing in your home. It helps us, as your landscape designer and contractor, to know how much you can afford to spend, before we get started. This allows us to help guide you through the process and select design options and materials that fit in your budget. Without knowing your budget, you may find that you end up with a beautiful space that you just can’t afford.

A great landscape can add the finishing touch to any southeast Michigan home. With a little planning, and some careful consideration for your space and your budget, we can help you create that perfect outdoor sanctuary.

Considering an Outdoor Living Space Design and Installation in the Rochester Hills Area?

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