3 Important Features To Include in Your New Landscape Construction

Whether you have recently purchased a new home and need to revamp the landscape or if you have lived in your home for years and you are finally ready to add some curb appeal, you may be a little overwhelmed at the thought of doing all the work.

There are some homeowners that can’t wait to get started. The idea of busting out the new landscaping equipment sounds exciting and fun. However, others would prefer to hire a Macomb County landscape professional to take on the job, and then simply enjoy the end results.

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or plan on hiring a landscaper this spring, here are 3 must-have features to include in your new landscape construction.

Hardscape Features

Curb appeal is not limited to plantings alone. Gorgeous brick pavers or natural stone can really compliment your landscaping as well as your home’s exterior.  Hardscapes are not only beautiful but they are also functional. A paver walkway can direct guests to a specific place in your yard.  Retaining walls can support a garden, and prevent sloping and flooding. These hardscape features should be the foundation of your landscape design as they will provide the borders and outlines for your landscaping project. Also, installing your hardscape features first, will prevent you from brining in heavy materials that can damage fresh sod or other new plantings.

Beautiful Living Features

If you are starting from the very beginning, for example, perhaps you purchased a newly constructed home, first you will need sod or grass seed for your new lawn. Without prior landscaping experience, installing sod and seed may be a bit of a challenge. If you do not feel comfortable with this step, you may want to hire a Macomb County landscaper as proper installation is crucial and can make a huge impact on the health of your lawn.

Shrubs, trees, and flowers are also important parts of your new landscape. Trees will provide shade to your yard. This will not only provide comfort on those hot summer days but will protect delicate flowers from too much sun exposure.  Similar to hardscape structures, shrubs can be used as borders to create separation between areas in your yard.

Flowering perennials and annual plants can help accent your landscape with various colors. You can choose a specific theme to tie your design together or select colors that will compliment your home’s exterior. For instance, lighter colored flowers will compliment dark brick while red roses or marigolds will compliment a home with light colored siding.

Reliable Irrigation System

If you are installing any of the plantings we mentioned above, an irrigation system is crucial to keep them healthy and vibrant. Irrigation systems will not only provide water to all of these living features, but will do so in an efficient manor, by distributing the right amount of water while keeping your water bill conservative.  It is a good idea to install your irrigation system at the same time as your hardscapes. This way you can install the irrigation system inside of any retaining walls.

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